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10 Fascinating Facts about Blackjack

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A lot of blackjack players assume that they know everything about this game. Though you may understand the basics of blackjack, some of the facts of this game may still fascinate you. Check out some surprising facts of the game before you play blackjack.

  • This is among the best games in casinos

Unlike games that merely entertain you, blackjack stimulates your mind since you have to make a lot of decisions on how you should play each hand. Its low house edge makes it better than other games.

  • Most casinos earn more than the house edge indicated

Though blackjack has a house edge of 1%, most people end up losing a lot of money from poor decision making as they play blackjack online.

  • Blackjack variants are not the same

Before you play blackjack games, you should understand that some of them are designed to be better compared to others.

  • You can quickly memorize the basic strategy

Some people assume that remembering the basic strategy of this game is hard. On the contrary, using the strategy chart that comes in different colors can make this easy for you.

  • You need more than the basic strategy

Though the basic strategy can help you lower the house edge, it cannot get rid of it completely. You, therefore, require another advantage for you to beat the house as you play blackjack variants.

  • Card counting is not the only trick to get the mathematical edge

People assume that expert players must be card counters. Though the strategy is legal, you can also win by implementing other techniques such as shuffle tracking and hole carding.

  • The actions of other players do not influence your odds of winning

This is a common myth in land-based sites. Even if another player makes a wrong move, their decision cannot affect your gameplay.

  • Blackjack is not as popular as slot

Though this is among the most popular table games in casinos, it cannot match slots.

  • Dealers are not always right

Some blackjack players also put too much faith in the dealer. Not every advice that you hear from the dealer is correct.

  • Do not believe every blackjack book

Blackjack books come in handy when you want to play blackjack for real money. Some of the books, however, contain some basic strategy mistakes that you should not follow.