BlackJack in New Jersey

BlackJack in New Jersey

BlackJack is considered by many one of the most played casino games in the world. This is no surprise thinking that this popular game has the best odds in the casino – if you play it properly, of course. And playing it properly comes easy when you get familiar with the basic strategy and learn a few tips and tricks.

And what better place to play Blackjack than New Jersey? All you have to do is decide how you want to play it. After all, it really comes down to preferences: whether you enjoy the land-based Blackjack or the machine blackjack. No matter the choice, we bet you’re going to have a great time playing the game with 21 stories.

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Blackjack, a game with 21 stories

The card game called Blackjack was not invented by one person. The beginnings and its history are still debated. The game appeared a long time ago and the virtual world of the Internet keeps maintaining and changing it even today.

There is a theory that says the Romans played a game similar to the blackjack game nowadays. They were using pieces of wood with different values. Although Romans loved the gambling games, this theory is not yet supported by proven facts.

The general consensus is that Blackjack’s history began in France. It evolved from the games Chemin de fer and French ferm. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, it was already played in french casinos as “Vingt-et-one” meaning 21. Another version of the game has prevailed in Spain, where it was played not using 21, but 31.

One of the first written references that demonstrate the presence of this game in the Iberian peninsula from early times can be found in a novel written by Miguel de Cervantes, known for his passion for gambling.

During the American colonization, the game 21 and the roulette reached the american continent and became very popular. The name Blackjack was chosen in Nevada, where gambling was first legalized. It was the name of a bet that the casino was using to attract more players. Although the particular bet did not last long, the new name of the game became widespread and was preserved until today.