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What are the differences between online and land-based casinos?

For going in a land based casino and having some fun and entertainment, you may wait for a special occasion. But with online casinos, this fun and entertainment never has to stop. Nowadays, you can login from anywhere, anytime, and get the same sort of excitement with or without your friends.

We have found some differences between online and land based casinos which may change your decisions.

Variety of Games is bigger day by day

If you had to wait over an hour to get a seat at your favorite slot machine or in the poker room, choosing an online casino is more favorable. Online casino players do not have to wait in line, wait for a machine, or do any sort of waiting at all before they are in on their favorite action! Also, an online casino has a much wider selection of games, slots game, cards or table games.

We all want bonuses

In online casinos, bonuses can be generated faster than in a traditional casinos, because of the speed of games. For example, poker players can play as many as three times more hands per hour online than in a traditional casino. This represents an opportunity for online casinos to offer healthy bonuses and promotions that land-based casinos cannot.

Different odds

We’ve already distinguished that casino games online run at a much faster pace. On average, than the identical land-based game and therefore generate more money spent by players. In addition to offering better bonuses, online casinos can also offer much better odds on most games. These better odds are offered because of the more money being spent more frequently. As a player, online casinos offer better value for your money.

Pro Customer Service

It is hard to compare this service between the two, because the platforms are different, therefore, the service is different. In a land based casino, you have waiters and waitresses who will bring you drinks and food to your seat, and many other services, as musicians or artist who will entertain the entire atmosphere. In an online casino, these added-value services are not provided.

However, online casinos will most certainly have a 24/7 customer service and support department ready to handle any and all of your questions or concerns. By most accounts, online casino players are focused more on the games they are playing, while the land based players are looking for entertainment.