BlackJack in New Jersey

Find out the top 5 ways to win at blackjack

Every real money player in blackjack tries to fight the house edge. Though losses are inevitable, you should learn how you can secure a good chance of making wins at blackjack games. If you want to enhance your bankroll. Start with the following:

  • Choose the right tables

You should determine the tables that have the minimum stakes. Some of the casinos offer some free blackjack games in the evenings. Ensure you pick the right site that has the right games for you. You can also minimize the house edge if you choose a table that comes with the double down option. Most of the casinos allow players to double down with an 11 or 10. Always go for a table in which the dealer stands on soft 17. This can reduce the house edge and increase your chances of winning.

  • Always split eights and aces

Though breaking up eights may seem like a bad idea to some players, experts reveal that splitting eights and aces can help you win a decent profit.

  • Using a good betting strategy

Implementing the right betting strategy is how to win at blackjack. Most players like using betting systems such as Paroli and Martingale. Before you try them, ensure you understand the merits and demerits of each betting system so that it does not work against you.

  • If the dealers up card is a six, double down

Double downs work best when the dealer displays a six. Ensure you double down in this case unless you hold a soft 20 or 19.

  • Stick to your limits

Before you play blackjack NJ, you should always set the specific amount you are willing to part with. Ensure you don’t go beyond your limits since you don’t want to lose everything you have. Setting limits also prevent you from losing track of time as you play.