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How do you engage in card counting in blackjack?

If you still prefer playing blackjack from a brick and mortar site, then you probably have heard about the strategy of counting cards. Though counting cards can seem simple, it may take you some time and a lot of practice for you to master it. Lots of punters who have never tried this technique often assume that it is all about memorization. On the contrary, you can still perfect the skill even if you have a terrible memory. So, how do you count cards in blackjack?

You can start by assigning a particular value to each card you receive. As the dealer gives you the cards, you should subtract 1, add one, or even do nothing depending on the value of each card you get. You should also keep a running count of every card that comes out of the shoe. Do this for every round until the cards get shuffled again. Once the running count goes up, then a card counter gets the upper hand. You should learn how to use the true count so that you can identify the right time for you to change your playing strategy. The true count and the running count can help you figure out when the house edge favors you.

Does card counting in blackjack work?

Lots of people have little knowledge regarding card counting. While some people think that this is a technique for only the geniuses, others claim that it does not work. The second category of people may have tried it but failed. Though blackjack games are not easy to beat, smart card counters keep on coming up with new ways to beat the house. Card counting can work when playing blackjack in a land-based site. It is, however, impossible for you to count cards when playing this game online due to the use of the random number generator.