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Blackjack is not only a popular game both online but also in brick and mortar casinos. People around the world enjoy this card game since it is easy to learn and play. Unlike games based on luck, you have to implement specific skills for you to succeed in online blackjack. While playing blackjack, you must understand all of the fundamentals of this game. One of the crucial aspects that you should know is the number of decks used in this game.

The amount of decks in blackjack is usually between six and eight. More decks were added to raise the house edge and prevent people from counting cards. As you play this game online, you should note that card counting cannot apply here since the software is in charge of running the game. The number of decks included in online blackjack varies from one game to the next. We will discuss some of the blackjack names highlighting the decks included in each.

  • Classic blackjack

This is known to be the original version of the game, which is also referred to as traditional blackjack. It is the most played form of blackjack across the globe. The game can be played with decks ranging from 1 to 4. For you to enjoy this game, you should understand the terminologies used as well as the card values.

Your objective in classic blackjack is to come up with a hand that is close but not exceeding 21. At the start of the classic blackjack game, you receive two cards facing up. The dealer also takes two cards for himself, one facing up and the other down. You should determine the value of your cards and use the face-up card of the dealer to help you make the best move in this game. You can either hit, stand, double down, or take insurance.

  • European blackjack

Apart from the traditional blackjack, this is also another common form of online blackjack that some players prefer. The game makes use of 6 decks. According to the rules of this game, the dealer should land a soft 17.

If you receive a hand that totals to 21, you get paid your wins at odds of 3:2. Just like in the previous version, you are allowed to split or double down. This version, however, differs from the first one in that it includes the surrender option. The option allows a player to forfeit the game and get back half of their bet.

  • Blackjack switch

If you would like to try a unique version of this game, you should consider the blackjack switch. This game involves the use of 6 or 8 decks. In this game, you have to play with two hands. The game also allows you to switch some of the cards between the hands.

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Most people like playing online blackjack since you can quickly eliminate the house’s advantage. This game, therefore, gives you the chance to beat the casino.