BlackJack in New Jersey

How to win at Blackjack

You need a real mathematical advantage in order to beat the casino and win at Blackjack, therefore a rabbit’s foot won’t come in handy.

How to win at Blackjack? Learn and master the basic Blackjack strategy

Leave behind whatever you’ve been advised to do by other gamblers. If you are here to learn how to win, you must become a player. Crossing your legs or picking whatever seat at the table won’t influence your game as long as you don’t get familiar with and perfect the basic Blackjack strategy.

Understand the house advantage

How does the house gain its advantage? Well, it’s all about making the player act first, although he doesn’t know what the casino’s card is. Moreover, if the player busts, he will lose even though the casino busts too.

Understand the player’s advantages

Once the house reaches 17, it has to stop hitting. The player, however, can always lower or raise the bet on each hand.

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Understand the rules of reaching 21

If a player gets 21 out of the first two cards, which means a natural, the house will pay him 3:2. If the house gets a natural, the player will only lose his bet, or, at times, nothing at all.

Learn which cards benefit the house and which benefit the player

The small cards will most likely benefit a stiff house, because the dealer is more likely to make pad hands out of stiffs. The large ones will benefit the player. As the dealer can’t decide when to hit, the probability to bust his stiffs is big.

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