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Is 21 Movie a true story?

Dramatic movies have always drawn a lot of attention from viewers. This American heist film is inspired by a fact-based story of the MIT students. The team was trained to become experts in blackjack strategies such as card counting. Robert Luketic directs the film, and famous actors such as Kevin Spacey and Kim Sturgess take up different roles in it. The story of the blackjack team is told in the best-selling book known as Bring down the House. Though viewers have mixed opinions regarding the movie, 21 became a popular blackjack movie during the first weeks following its release.

Learn more about the storyline of 21 movie

Before you play blackjack, you should get more insights about the game from internet sources and TV shows. 21 movie can teach you so much about how this game can be played successfully. It also has an interesting storyline that will keep you glued to your screen. The movie features Ben Campbell who is an MIT student that gets a spot at Harvard Medical School. Though Ben is bright, he is not able to raise his tuition fees and therefore tries to apply for a scholarship. At MIT, there is a professor known as Rosa, who challenges the new student with the famous Monty Hall problem.

Ben is able to solve it successfully and gets an invite to join the blackjack team.  The team is made up of other students, such as Jill, Choi, Fisher, and Kianna. This team makes use of card counting techniques while playing blackjack and manage to raise their winnings at different games. Ben becomes a big player in the team since he is not only bright but also highly talented. This makes some of his team members jealous, and they start picking fights with him.