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Most people had their first experience of blackjack at land-based sites. The introduction of online gambling changed the way people used to play blackjack since there was no longer a need to visit a physical casino to enjoy this game. Though online gaming made playing blackjack convenient, some people still missed the social interaction they experienced from playing this game at a land-based site. This inspired software experts to look for a way to combine the best from both worlds. It led to the introduction of live dealer blackjack.

Playing blackjack live gives one the chance to enjoy the game from home while at the same time communicating with the dealer. It has managed to introduce a real-life element to the game. This platform was designed to give players personal experience and minimize inconveniences. Though it has simplified gaming, some people are still concerned about rigging cases in live blackjack. Due to the existence of the house edge, there is no reason as to why live dealers should rig blackjack games since this can affect the reputation of a casino. Licensed casinos are often regulated and go through numerous security controls to maintain the fairness of live dealer blackjack games.

Despite the implementation of such measures, you should be aware of some of the ways a live casino can rig blackjack games. For instance, a live dealer can shuffle cards behind the scene. This is a possible way in which live dealers can manage to rig the deck and tamper with the set house edge. It, however, rarely happens. Rigging can take place when the live stream keeps on being interrupted as you play blackjack live. If a live casino keeps on interrupting the live stream, the dealer can take advantage of this opportunity and try to switch cards at the expense of players. This can make all the players get busted and the house to win.

Sometimes, misdeals occur in a live blackjack game. It can occur when the live dealer issues the wrong number of cards to some players, or the cards failed to register in the scanner. In such instances, the best way to handle a misdeal is to cancel the hand and refund the bets. Some people, however, feel that some dealers call a mislead intentionally, leading to tension in the live blackjack game.

Apart from misdeals, failure to pay the winners of a live blackjack game can also be considered a form of rigging. Doing this can make the casino lose its license and damage its image. Even though rigging in live blackjack is not very common, it is good to prevent yourself from such scenarios by choosing a legitimate site that works with a well-known regulatory body. Go through reviews to find out the experience of other live blackjack players before choosing a particular site.


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