About BlackJack

Live Blackjack in New Jersey – played with real dealers!

Although most gambling passionates have probably heard about the concept of live Blackjack, some are still doing their research. With the online gambling industry booming more and more each day, live Blackjack has become one of the top picks for online casino users. There is clear difference between live Blackjack and online Blackjack, although both happen online. Keep reading and find out all you need to know.

Blackjack in New Jersey

Online casinos in New Jersey have targeted table games since the very beginning. Due to the urge to create the most similar experience possible to that provided by a land-based casino, the experts of this industry have come up with the perfect way to do it. Live Blackjack has taken online gambling to the next level by having an actual live dealer doing whatever a land-based casino dealer would do – dealing the cards!

Live Blackjack

Whilst you can choose to play Blackjack online without having a live dealer, more and more users strive for a more entertaining experience. Although the comfort of your home and the intimacy you benefit from while choosing to gamble online is a great advantage, you may come to feel rather lonely at times. With live Blackjack, you can now share your experience with a real professional dealer. Whilst keeping the rules exactly the same as before, that person on your screen will surely boost the quality of entertainment. After all, this is what gambling has always been about – sharing an awesome experience with people, whether they are staff working around the casino or fellow gamblers.

Some rules

The dealer will be dealing your cards in real time, showing the same professionalism as in a land-based casino. Some platforms even give you the chance to interact with your dealer while playing the game. Therefore, instead of looking at an inanimate game, live Blackjack will create an unforgettable experience, as close as it gets to what you would get in a land-based casino.

In conclusion, the “live” in live Blackjack literally implies a live experience, where the online gets closer than ever to a land-based experience.