BlackJack in New Jersey

Live BlackJack vs. Online BlackJack

Playing BlackJack can happen two ways: you either go to a land-based casino, or choose to use the machines. No matter what your pick is, the game continues to provide its charm. Before doing anything else, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both sides.

The BlackJack RNG

The major difference between machine blackjack and the live games is the presence of RNG. This computeriezed Random Number Generator makes sure that you will receive a completely randomized virtual deck. Although RNG is known to have a payout percentage incorporated, this is not the case with blackjack machines.

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The dealers

On one hand, although it is expected of dealers to behave professionally and contribute to your experience, they are also human beings and they can have their bad days. It is totally understandable, but sometimes this can totally spoil the mood. On the other hand, playing on a machine means that all the worries about not being paid fairly or a hand being declared a misdeal will vanish – machines make no mistakes in dealing.

The minimum bet

The minimum bet starts from $1 at the blackjack machines, while at the table games it starts from $5. Therefore, it is quite obvious that video blackjack machines have a much lower minimum bet than the live games, no matter what casino we are talking about.

Different comps

As you probably know, comps are the free perks high rollers receive from their casino. If you’re not a high roller and you intend on playing a few dollars a hand, there is no reason to play at a live table because at some casinos you won’t even get rated without a $25 bet. At the opposite pole, playing on the machine means that you will get rated for every bet, no matter how small.

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