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Meet Charlie When Playing Blackjack in New Jersey

Meet Charlie by Playing Blackjack in New Jersey

Have you ever played blackjack in New Jersey? If the answer is “yes”, then you should know that there are a lot of possible combinations of winning hands in blackjack, but the show starts when meeting Charlie. 

Charlie is playing blackjack in New Jersey

Charlie is a well known character when speaking of blackjack in New Jersey. It is actually the name of a winning hand, which occurs when receiving from 5 to 10 cards in one hand that sum up to under 21 points. The most common one is called Five Card Charlie. There are multiple possible combinations and, in most cases, you win once you receive the fifth card and manage to remain under 21. The probability of winning with a Five Card Charlie is quite big and you can expect it once in every 50 hands. 

Other Charlies

So, we have established what a Five Card Charlie looks like. The next four possible combinations have the same basic rule but are much more difficult to reach. A Six Card Charlie happens once in every 400 hands. A Seven Card Charlie occurs once in every 4600 hands. An Eight Card Charlie comes up every 79.000 hands. A Nine Card Charlie is seen every 2.200.200 hands. Finally, a truly phenomenon occurs maybe once in a life time and it is called Ten Card Charlie. 

Charlie and his friends are by far the greatest winning combination when playing blackjack in New Jersey or anywhere in the world.