About BlackJack

The blackjack strategy you can use at the game

Since online blackjack is a skill-based game, you need to learn the right Blackjack strategy  for you to win. Start by understanding what a good hand consists of. The top hands in blackjack include the following:

  • Traditional 21

If you get a ten-value card and an ace, you win the game instantly since both cards sum up to 21.

  • Hard 20

You can also maintain a high score by targeting a hard 20. This consists of two 10-value cards. The sum of your cards, in this case, is 20. If you get these cards, we recommend that you hold on to them rather than splitting.

  • Soft 18

You can also get several playing options if you have a 7 and ace. Depending on the specific blackjack variant you choose, you can use the combination of these two cards to your advantage.

What is the difference between real money and free blackjack?

While some of the players prefer playing blackjack for free, others like risking their cash on the real money mode. Though free blackjack gives you the chance to hone your game, real money blackjack is more interesting since you have an opportunity of earning actual cash. Ensure you learn the best blackjack strategy 2019 for you to achieve this. The problem with free blackjack is that you get limited access to promotions. Making your first deposit on the real money mode can help you earn generous bonuses. This can give you a good head start at the game.

The best blackjack strategy – Learn how to win

For you to win at the game, you must look for tables which have stakes that are in line with your bankroll needs. The table you choose should also have a double down option. Implement the basic strategy and set limits before you start playing.