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Top 10 Unmissable Blackjack Movies

Though blackjack is a game that can be quite rewarding, it is also risky. For years now, the film industry has been featuring this game in different ways. Here some of the well-known blackjack movies you should check out.

  • Swingers

Jon Favreau came up with an entertaining script that features some of the greatest blackjack scenes. In this movie, some friends try to solve their problems by visiting Las Vegas to play blackjack.

  • The last casino

This Canadian film is all about card counting tricks. From watching it, you can learn some of the complex strategies that are used to lower the house edge in blackjack NJ.

  • Austin Powers

In this movie, one of the actors that play blackjack ignores the advice of the dealer during the game and hits on soft 17.

  • License to kill

If you are a fan of James Bond, then you should not skip this movie. The character takes a chance n blackjack game and makes some great moves.

  • The croupier blackjack film

The movie is all about a man that takes up a part-time job at a casino to boost his earnings. Working at the posh casino makes him discover the vulnerabilities of the gambling industry.

  • The hot shoe

Learn more about the history of blackjack by checking out this documentary. This game can also teach you more about the card counting technique.

  • Holly rollers

The documentary is about a Christian family that loves playing blackjack. It is used to give you different insights about the game and can also broaden your knowledge of religion.

  • The rain man

Meet the genius of blackjack by watching this movie. A guy who was so successful in the game gets kicked out of casinos because of winning too much.

  • 21

A professor is determined to help his students learn how to play blackjack in pursuit of the jackpot.

  • Vegas Vacation

Vegas vacation is a great scene that showcases the risks of gambling in blackjack. In this movie, there is a character who keeps on losing hands and blows his money gambling.