About BlackJack

Top 3 interesting facts about Blackjack in New Jersey

When we play Blackjack, we might not take into consideration the amazing history and value of this particular game. There is a lot more going on with Blackjack than you might know. Here is our Top 3 interesting facts about Blackjack in New Jersey:

1. Blackjack is a game that didn’t have it easy with the law.

With the restrictions imposed by the government throughout the history of gambling, Blackjack had some pretty rough times. The game was actually banned a couple of times, first in France and then in the US. Blackjack managed to remain legal in the 1930s.

2. Improve your chances of winning

Did you know that the best card counting systems can improve your chances of winning up to 2-4% more than usual? Experienced card counters are in love with Blackjack, especially because of the many possibilities to beat the system. Although card counting is an art, we advise you to keep it simple and take your chances. Casinos will always keep an eye open in order to spot such behavior.

3. More about blackjack in New Jersey

“Blackjack” has a pretty cool story behind its name. It was actually coined by a number of casinos from the US. Because the combination of an Ace of Spades, a Jack of Clubs and a Jack of Spades used to be called a “Blackjack”, the crowds have taken the term so far that it became the name of one of the most exciting table games.

Blackjack in New Jersey is a really exciting table game, now available online on most online gambling platforms!